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Share and monetize your sensitive big data

with data teams and partners- privately

with our data governance platform

The Kalepso platform enables multiple parties to privately

interrogate & share sensitive structured data


  • Storage protection from unauthorized users, incl. admins, cloud

  • Secure merging data across multiple tenants

Data-centric anonymization

  • Applicable for a wide range of use cases, with dynamic anonymization  

  • Adjustable anonymization levels,  based on policies 

GDPR, CCPA & Compliance

  • Automatic PII detection and anonymization 

  • Immutable audit logs on blockchain

  • End-to-end encryption


Secure Customer Profiling

Product cross- or up-sale by fusing PII across business units, that may have been originally collected for different purposes, e.g. overlaying data from vehicle and home insurance products to predict customer needs, without violating privacy.

Secure Analytics

Generation of business-critical insights from confidential data across teams, e.g. performing medical investigation on clinical trial results.

Seamless droplet, without app changes



Streamline governance

without data replicas floating around, or unauthorized access to sensitive data

accelerate data COLLABORATIOn

by automating compliance, and enabling multiple use cases dynamically from one single platform

monetize sensitive data

with solid privacy and auditability. Even the most sensitive data can now be safely utilized, with central visibility into internal users

Harvard-invented pRIVACY

  • Private Indexing on encrypted data

  • Oblivious RAM and Differential Privacy protect the back-end from privacy leakages

  • Patent-pending IP: Searchable Encryption Primer available



  • On-the-fly suppression and generalization, post the record joining

  • Multiple levels of policy-driven anonymization

  • Fine-grained access

  • Whitepaper available



  • Automatic PII detection through field names and values

  • Block-chain for storing the encrypted logs for auditability

  • Customizable policies





Georgios Depastas, MPhil
Co-Founder & Product Lead
Georgios Kellaris, PhD
Co-Founder & Tech Lead
Prabhanand Babaladi
Senior Software Engineer
Helge Seetzen, PhD
Business Advisor, TandemLaunch GP
George Kollios, Prof.
Technical Advisor, Boston University
Lucas Skoczkowski
Business Advisor, Ex-CEO, Redknee
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